Thursday, April 03, 2014

Summer jobs now open!

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Anonymous said...

Larry, please help me understand this. You say children go hungry when school is not in session to provide free lunch. If this is true, then the family is eligable for SNAP. For a family of three, one can get up to $396/month. It can only be used for food. There are three hearty adults in my family and I doubt if I spend more than that. Then, of course, children do not eat as an adult. I know because I have grandchildren. How expensive is a sandwich, a piece of fruit and glass of milk? I just don't understand this going hungry business. What do the parents do? I am pretty sure they fix themselves a snack.I am all for feeding hungry children but I think you are letting parents off the hook. What kind of example is this for children, teaching them to be dependent the rest of their lives. Parents have a responsibility and you are taking it away from them. Where am I wrong?