Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Giving by income level during recent "tough times"

Here's a graphic display of the impact of the recent recession on giving among various income levels with the lower earnings strata beginning on the left with earnings moving up to the right.




Anonymous said...

If I read this correctly, people close to the poverty line give away 16.6% of their income. If they can barely afford food and gas, how can this be?

Larry James said...

Great, natural question. I've seen this again and again among the "poor." I'd love to do a research project to find out all that is behind this, but I suspect it as to do with locus of trust and dependence. I've watched the "poor" give away 1/2 or more of what they have to others around them who suffer in the same circumstances. We've much to learn from our generous neighbors. Maybe those of us who are more well-to-do place our trust in material realities, including money, whereas the "poor" depend on unseen sources of strength and hope. The faith of the "poor" teach me teaches me daily.

Richard Corum said...

I would like to echo Larry's response. I have been helping a Texas prisoner financially from time to time, but I have to remind him that the money is intended for his needs. He has a strong desire to see to the needs of others before he takes care of himself. He is an indigent prisoner with no family, but he still wants to help others even though his needs for even basic hygiene products is great. By the way, Larry, the Texas prison system is pretty pathetic.