Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Driving into Downtown Dallas from Deep Ellum out of S. Dallas, I spotted a rather animated homeless man. 

Not so unusual, but one thing I saw him do, as I rolled to a stop at a traffic light, caught my attention. 

Someone had left a plastic cup turned upside-down on a post (once a parking meter).  The man grabbed the cup, threw it to the ground in disgust and cursed in anger--I read his lips.

What came next broke my heart.

He reached into a trash can also beside the sidewalk and pulled out a large drink cup with the safety lid still in place.  Some liquid remained in the discarded cup. 

I watched him survey us who watched from the comfort of our cars.  He then turned away and drank whatever was left in the used cup.

It matters not how the man got "there." 

The fact is, he is "there." 

Watching him from my "here," turned my stomach. 

The man needs a place to live.

He needs someone to care.

He needs a second or a thousandth chance.

He needs what I need:  grace and a hot cup of coffee.

I think I understand something of his anger.

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