Friday, May 15, 2015

Clemente Course at CitySquare

One of the most amazing responses to urban poverty can be observed by looking into "The Clemente Course." 

We've partnered with Dallas' Foundation for Community Empowerment to bring the course experience to South Dallas.  FCE calls their local effort Free Minds 

FCE and FMD are the result of the work of J. McDonald ("Don") Williams.  Don's life commitment to see South Dallas--Fair Park renewed has been amazing to watch. 

My friend Reginald Rufus, one of the students who graduated earlier this week and a resident at CityWalk's 511 N. Akard housing development, is captured here with his proud family.

What an honor to be involved with this life changing enterprise!

"If one has been 'trained' in the ways of poverty, what is needed is a beginning, not a repetition... If we learn through the humanities to want to seek freedom, to be beginners, if we learn to live a life not of reaction but of reflection, then we're prepared to go on to do wonderful things and have a full life. We're free in ways that other people are not."

Earl Shorris, Founder, Clemente Course in the Humanities

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