Friday, October 30, 2015

Charity won't do

POVERTY, INC. | Official Trailer from POVERTY, INC. | The Movie on Vimeo.


Agent X said...

The sound is broke on my computer, so I was unable to hear the clip. Too bad.

I am seeing a trend here in Lubbock. We have some Christian ministries that raise tons of cash but still kick the homeless out into the night.

I am wondering though... What is the difference between "empower" and "enable"? And do I care?

If we follow the Bible, we note rather quickly that the sheep need shepherds. Who is going to do that? Jesus. Other wise, these posers are just HIRED HELP who do not lay down their lives for the sheep.

Just sayin'...

Agent X said...

Got my sound fixed!!

"Having a mind for the poor... That's the challenge" Hmmm... Did Jesus say that?

Sounds like all the help has hurt, according to this video. I say hogwash. Jesus never said, "Take care not to hurt when you help." He never said, "Don't give too much." He never said, "These people need to earn their salvation, and that is the real answer."


I will stick with Jesus, even if it is unpopular.

(Luke 6:30, chapter 14 and 16:19-31. Mark 10:21. Matthew 25:40.) The only caution I can think of that Jesus gives about giving, is don't tell others when you do it (Matt 6:3).


I will stick with Jesus not matter the slickly produced video or book.

Burn the video.