Saturday, January 09, 2016

Death and purpose embraced

I sat at the very back of the beautifully ornate church sanctuary. 

The far back corner on the very last row. 

It seemed a chance seat selection, complete with a bad view of the altar. 

After all, I was late.  I stepped in as the memorial service began. 

The longer I sat there, the more I wondered about the "chance" part. 

Friends and family members spoke fondly of the departed.  Rightfully so, he was a better than good man.

As they testified to this goodness, I had a vision of us all cascading toward a singular moment essentially the same. 

All of us were headed to the same destination. 

Not news of course.  But the optics of sliding down into the grave just behind one of those seated in front of my far away back corner put things in perspective for me! 

Night cometh and our work, my work is done.

In that moment I realized the importance of knowing one's mission and purpose. 

There is something grand and final about fully embracing life, only to be totally aware that it is slipping away. 

So, I'm not in control of much.

But, one thing I can do is get up and fight the fight for one more day.  Each could be my last.  And, that is okay.

However, as long as I am alive, I will fight. 

So often I find peace in the battle itself.

Rest in peace, Dan. 

We'll all see you soon.

Hopefully, the world will be better because we knew you and lived to the full in each our own ways, pursuing our assignments here.

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