Wednesday, February 10, 2016

4 Greatest Needs in "Tent City" under I-45

During the 2016 "point in time" homeless census, we asked our homeless neighbors in "tent city" what were their four most pressing needs. The graphic below makes the answer very, very clear.

  Imagine if this were you and me.


Jeff Ward said...

If you don’t want the same words month after month, I would probably add…Jesus, supportive relationships, skills/education, and jobs

Larry James said...

Interesting, Jeff. Not to be argumentative, but many didn't list Jesus because they already have him. They didn't list supportive relationships either because they have been lost or, again, because they find them on the streets; skills/education is spot on--where are they, how do they get there? Jobs, ditto. Once in housing and out of shelters, all of these items, including food, become much more accessible.