Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lent 2016

The Christian observance of Lent is not a tradition with which I grew up.  But, I find it significant to my faith today.  Remembering the 40 days and nights that Jesus spent in the wilderness prior to the launch of his public ministry, Lent hopes to engage his followers in repentance and sacrifice for the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday, March 27.

Lent 2016 begins on Ash Wednesday, February 10, a day of penance and reflection that begins the Lenten season. 

Traditionally, Christians give up something for Lent.  The idea is to do without or to forego for the sake of reflection, personal growth and discipline. 

Since I've failed often at giving up food groups or certain drinks, this year I intend, beginning today, to give up forgetfulness

So, during Lent 2016, I will not forget, rather, I will remember.

First day of Lent 2016:  I will not forget my friends who sleep under the I-45 bridge near my office--my ashes will remind me of my friends.

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Anonymous said...

Another practice in lent, would be to add a discipline such as praying for a specific cause, to review certain set of scriptures, to devote a certain number of hours each week in working with a specific charity work, etc. (to do that may require letting go of something to have time for that practice).