Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Prayer before Texas Medical Association 2016 General Meeting

God of many names and of all people,
We pause to reflect in gratitude for the gift of,
As our very poor neighbor have taught us,
"Another day we weren't promised."

We are grateful for this meeting,
For the anticipated experience of the event.

We give thanks for the fellowship of our tables and the goodness of friendship.

We give thanks for he gift, the science, the art of healing
And for those who have given themselves to the grand Mystery of it all.

As we express gratitude for the day and its wonder,
We remember those in our community who struggle this morning;
Those who call tents "home," and even now are on the move in our city.

May we be sensitive to the concerns and the harsh realities facing
The poor, the sick, the wounded, the addicted and the broken.

In a world of complexity, strife and fear on the one hand,
And a life of joy, discovery and promise on the other,
May we take the path between,
A path that lead to just solutions, resilient hope and new promise.


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