Friday, June 24, 2016

New Rules!

So, if I could make the rules, these would definitely be etched in stone!

1) Don't make assumptions about people because of how they look or what they are going through.

2) Always at least try to be kind.

3) Realize that "property rights" or "ownership" of a house or land or anything else doesn't entitle me to diminish in any way the human rights of others, especially those with virtually nothing.

4) Don't hate.

5) Especially, don't hate people because of what they don't have.

6) Live with basic humility.

7) Resist manipulation and manipulating.

8) Don't exclude others.

9) Support the weak with kindness and genuine friendship.

10) Work together.

11) Don't judge.

12) Partner with those who don't agree with you.

13) Never give up.

14) Never quit.

15) Remain open to learning and truth.

16) When dealing with the weak, replace pity with genuine respect.

17) Invite a "panhandler" out for coffee or a meal involving conversation.

18) Look for the real God in every human encounter--only way to reach Her/Him.

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