Monday, November 14, 2016

"Hey man, got any spare change?"

People ask me all the time: 

“What should I do when approached by a homeless person for a handout?”
And, of course, I have no idea!
Oh, I have ideas, but no standard idea or answer.  Everyone is unique, including people without a place to call home.
So, I follow "my gut" most of the time with no predetermined, stereotypical response, just like I repsond to others who do have homes in which to live. I realize this deficency on my part drives lots of people crazy, especially professionals!  But, so be it. 
One thing I do know from lots of experience: I find it hard to walk on without at least “knowing"  or acknowledging a person who asks me for a little help. 

For me, my entire duty as a person is to come to know God, and in the process, come to know the people I encounter for meaningful engagement with both. 

Every encounter should be considered worth a response of kindness. 

Every person is worthy of my repsect, even if I decide not to honor their requests by providing exactly what they seek. 

What I  always can do is respond with gentleness, attentiveness, openness and respect.   



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