Friday, April 28, 2006

Urban Experience

If your youth group is looking for a summer "mission project," let me suggest that you consider something a bit different this year. What follows is a summation of Central Dallas Ministries' summer, urban plunge experience for teens and their sponsors.

Those who have experienced it tell us it is a life-changer!

Read on.


Urban Experience:
Raising Awareness about Urban Issues

Urban Experience’s mission is to "increase the awareness of race, class and justice issues by exposing suburban teenagers to activities that reflect urban concerns."

Director: Janet Morrison

Tel: 214-426-3404

Cell: 214-498-6097

If you have a group that is interested in participating, please contact us today to reserve your spot.


Dallas, along with many other cities, has a wealth of cultural enclaves that often go unnoticed by mainstream society. Through exposure to these areas, Urban Experience guides participants in discovering the richness of our urban and minority communities.


Today’s society often segregates people by race, class or other factors, leaving them unaware of the issues plaguing those with whom they do not usually interact. Urban Experience seeks to help participants become more aware of urban issues in a way that challenges and broadens perspectives.


Relationships are a vital part of the philosophy of Central Dallas Ministries. We have come to realize that relationships are a two-way street of giving to as well as receiving from. We realize that our friends and neighbors from the community have plenty to contribute to the process at Central Dallas Ministries as well as to our personal well-being. The programs at Central Dallas Ministries are deeply rooted in reciprocity. Urban Experience is designed to move participants beyond charity to understanding the importance and benefits of developing long-term relationships with all people.


Jesus sought relationships with all people without regard to race, faith, social or economic class. In addition, the Bible regularly instructs people on how they should deal with the poor. Urban Experience helps participants explore the scriptures and connect them to our world today.

Program Description

Urban Experience is a 1-week urban learning experience for suburban teenagers in the 9th—12th grades. Enrollment is limited to 25 participants. Urban Experience focuses on the four major components defined above: Exposure, Awareness, Reciprocity, and Spirituality.

Cost is $200 per participant.

Youth Testimonials

What activity this week had the greatest impact for you?

"The Urban Experience opened our eyes to some of the difficulties of life that people go through."

Did you have any new realizations or did you begin to look at anything differently than you did before? If so, what?

"I really began to realize the complexity of poverty."

"I never realized how hard it would be to be poor and how hard it would be to get out of it."

Are there things you are more aware of than before your Urban Experience? If so, what?

"How overwhelming it can be to have so many problems and not know where to start."

Dates Available for Summer 2006

June 5 - 9

June 12 - June 16

June 19 - June 23

June 26 - June 30

July 3 - July 7 (will not meet on July 4)

July 10 - July 14

July 17 - July 21

July 24 - July 28

If you have a group that is interested in participating, please contact us today to reserve your spot. For more information visit our website at or call Janet Morrison.

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Chris Field said...

This is a great program, Larry. It was exposure to urban America as an 18 year old (read about it here: ) that began what will be a lifelong passion of mine. Thanks for doing what you can to open more eyes.