Thursday, March 15, 2007

Poverty and the next Mayor of Dallas, Texas

If you live in Dallas, you are very aware that we are in the midst of a hotly contested race for the Mayor's office. The official ballot was set earlier this week with 13 candidates for us to choose from! Someone quipped that everyone not running for President of the United States is now running for mayor of Dallas.

Question: If you live here and have been listening, how much have you heard from the candidates about the challenges facing our low-income citizens?

Have you heard any candidate place the issues associated with poverty at the front and center of his campaign?

Well, this year at our 12th Annual Urban Ministries Prayer Breakfast, Central Dallas Ministries will host what we are calling "Forum for the Future."

We have invited the top seven mayoral candidates to join us to answer questions related to our agenda, with a special focus on poverty and the low-income neighborhoods of Dallas.

We will also be hearing from the community and our guests. Then, we will spend time in prayer for our city and its people.

It promises to be quite a morning!

Learn more by visiting our event info site at:

I hope you will join us.


Anonymous said...

I have received campaign literature from a few of the candidates. I'm not sure the issue of poverty is anywhere near the front of the mind for any of the candidates.

This will be a good thing to ask the candidates!

Anonymous said...

Living in Dallas my entire life, while many of the times i didn't understand politics and everything that goes with it, I understand now, and for Dallas it does not look good. Poverty is a big issue in larger cities like Dallas, but there are few people that talk about how to eliminate poverty or at least try to lessen its effect on the community, and even less that really mean what they say. The poverty levels in America have become epidemic, yet politicians are worried about other countries that are becoming more industrialized and self sufficient. Many politicians, in my opinion, are concerned with minor and sometimes frivolous details of the city, but refuse to take on the responsibility of making Dallas a better place to live, but want to be the mayor of Dallas "that changed the world" and many people have a problem with that including me, but how do we fix it?