Sunday, March 04, 2007

War's agony

Recent reports on the near-fatal injury and miraculous recovery of ABC World News Tonight co-anchor Bob Woodruff have focused new attention on the serious nature of injuries sustained by thousands caught up in the war in Iraq.

Woodruff and his camera man, Doug Vogt were critically wounded when a roadside bomb ripped through their vehicle. Woodruff sustained traumatic brain injury that left him in a comma for weeks.

Last Tuesday evening ABC News aired a touching story about his experience in Iraq and the journey he and his wife and family endured on the road to his recovery.

Bob and Lee Woodruff have written a the book about their experience: In an Instant: A Family’s Journey of Love and Healing. You can order a copy by clicking on the link in the right margin of this page. I'm betting it will be an important and moving read.

Woodruff's experience forces us to face the horrors of the war. His latest report intends to bring new attention to all who sustain traumatic brain injuries while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I wonder how many of us stop on a regular basis to consider the cost of the conflict and the suffering that continues day after day on the other side of the world?

Over 3,100 U. S. soldiers have been killed.

Tens of thousands have come home wounded and scarred for life.

Thousands and thousands of Iraqi citizens, including huge numbers of women and children, have lost their lives and significant multiples of these numbers have sustained serious, life-altering injuries, including traumatic brain injury.

The war is horrible, beyond horrible.

Can we pray today for peace?

At least for today, can stop and pray for a new way through to a day of peace and reconciliation?

Please pray for peace during this one Sunday.

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bpb said...

Thank you!! It makes me so sad to hear so many Christians being so pro-war. I think it's a terrible thing. The people that are usually "for" war are ones that have never been in one.