Wednesday, June 13, 2007

AmeriCorps Summer Kickoff!

Thanks to the One Star Foundation, the Texas expression of the Corporation for National Service, earlier this year Central Dallas Ministries landed a large AmeriCorps grant that has allowed us to place almost 150 community workers out in the community.

As noted in an earlier post here, on Saturday before last we inducted 113 of our summer AmeriCorps staff. These energetic young people spent the day working together in one South Dallas neighborhood as their kickoff for the summer. Thought I'd post a few photographs from the day.


Jim said...

Thanks, Larry, for your perspective on my response to your June 1 post. I wanted to e-mail you so as not to speak indirectly through a blog. But I couldn't find your e-mail address.

I want to be open to what you say. This work with the poor is so new to me. So thank you for taking the time to respond.

I pray today for a hundred fold blessing of the Lord upon you and your work at CDM.

Your brother in Christ,

Jim Clark

Larry James said...

Jim, thanks for both of your posts. No problem with what you put up yesterday on your blog or on my June 1 entry at all. And, I confess my frustration at the manner in which low-income persons are regarded by our culture and our churches. I believe in relationships that are authentic, not forced, not under constraint. And, I have found that the people I work with appreciate simple friendship. No one is going away in our equation! Plenty of time just to be who we all are!

One last note: our approach is in no way shaped by concerns for getting or endangering funding by any insitution or group. We do our work and let the funders decide if they want to be involved wiht us.