Sunday, September 16, 2007

The neighborhood

I live in a great, old, two-story frame house built in 1922. It sits on sort of a "boundary" block between the Munger Place Historic District (of which we are a part) and the rest of the neighborhood. During the mid-1980s, it faced demolition, but somehow was spared. I have a photo of the place shot in 1986--talk about a mess!

At least three owners prior to our purchasing the house in 1999 put a lot of effort into restoring the place. We have been working on it off and on since we moved in. I am convinced it will be a never ending job!

The movie "Money Pit" comes to mind just here!

A big part of community development and, in my view, "urban ministry" always includes renewing the physical environments.

The photos below were taken not long ago in the neighborhood where we live. It is very different from the suburban community where we lived prior to our last move to the inner city. But, it is great, eclectic and never boring!

Photo 1: Zaragoza Elementary School

Photo 2: Corner "grocery store"

Photo 3: City park adjacent to the elementary school--often filled with soccer players

Photo 4: Boys and Girls Club just behind our house

Photo 5: A bungalow down the street

Photo 6: Apartment building around the corner

Photo 7: Apartment building near elementary school

In the near future, after I have my camera repaired, I'll post some photos of the wonderful, old prairie style homes up the street from us. Most date from the first decade of the 20th century. Many have been completely restored.

Sandwiched in between many of these homes in our neighborhood are old brownstone apartments and newer multi-family units (circa 1960s) in various states of repair or disrepair, as the case may be.

Of course, neighborhoods are all about people. Ours if very diverse in every respect. And, as a result, very interesting.

More on this later.

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