Friday, September 28, 2007

Solutions. . .real solutions

Frustrated as you consider the problems and challenges associated with homelessness in the United States?

Need even just a glimmer of hope?

Then, please watch this:

Common Ground provided us the model we needed here in Dallas as we began thinking, dreaming, planning and now implementing our first major permanent supportive housing development.

This video will knock your socks off.

There is hope. . .

. . .if we are willing to move beyond many of our preconceived ideas and biases.

Homes for the homeless. Homes, not shelter beds, outdoor camp grounds or sidewalks.

What a concept!


Karen Shafer said...

Looking at this video is like looking into the face of Heaven. I am going to send it to around 80 of my friends. God Bless you, Larry. Truly thrilling.

Chris Mauldin said...

Holy Cow, Larry! What a great work. Luz's story at end made me cry.

Being in the west (NM) now makes it even harder to talk about poverty, homelessness, etc... I did a SWOT analysis at a church a while back and no one even wanted to study about poverty! Thank God for you and Bono!