Monday, September 03, 2007

Work in my world

Across America Labor Day means. . .

. . .for most a holiday for working people, including students.

. . .for some a time to celebrate the American Labor Movement.

. . .for others a time to reflect on the challenges facing laboring people in this nation.

In my neighborhood, on this Labor Day, work . . .

. . .means needing more than one job to make the household even marginally functional and secure.

. . .is a very valuable resource that is in short supply--when work disappears, neighborhoods suffer and decline.

. . .means lots of people need more training, more education to move up and to do better.

. . .is something many people are looking for without much success in terms of livable wage opportunities.

. . .is a job a guy I met last week hopes to land this week.

. . .is a job a woman with two children wishes she could get out of, but can't until she gets a line on a better one.

. . .is something just about everyone really wants to do.

. . .is something lots of people, in spite of their best efforts, just can't seem to find.

. . .is a reality that many find most discouraging.

. . .is what every family needs for parents and other adults to secure.

. . .is the means by which people stay off the streets of Dallas.

. . .is what prison took away.

. . .is all about dignity, self-respect and making a contribution.

. . .is a tough issue.

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John Dobbs said...

Excellent as always Larry. Thanks for reminding us constantly of the hurting people all around us. We get too comfortable and forget about them.