Monday, December 17, 2007

After School Academy enjoys feature story

Yesterday's edition of The Dallas Morning News carried an in-depth report on Central Dallas Ministries' After School Academy at Turner Courts.

If you care about children and the challenges they face growing up in inner city neighborhoods, you'll defintely want to read the story.

You can find it at: dws/dn/opinion/columnists/cnelson/stories/121607


chris said...

What is the problem with painting their own walls? It seems that would be a major moral booster.

Anonymous said...

You know Chris, I've read several of your comments and it has become very clear that you're not in touch with poverty or the issues that surround it. A public housing apartment is, in many cases, just like any other apartment. The landlord doesn't allow you to make basic changes (like painting the walls). However, in many cases THEY may not paint the walls either. Its not about boosting morale. And it is one of the issues associated with poverty - a constant reminder that you are NOT like everyone else.
Simplistic solutions like painting the walls, go get a job, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, just say no, are not the answer to the deep systemic issues that are all a part of what it means to be poor, no matter the race, or geography. I hope one day you are able to get it...

chris said...

Well, anonymous, I'm glad you are so enlightned. It would seem to me that the landlord would like his property to be as nice as possible, especially if it didn't cost him anything.

My husband and I once lived in a 5th floor walkup, rent controlled NYC. I don't know when it was built but the "padding" under the kitchen rug consisted of newspapers with the account of Lindbergh's trans-atlantic crossing. We were very happy to make it cozy as possible because the rent was $60/month.

Anonymous said...

Chris is from New York... enough said.

chris said...

Actually, I grew up on top of a mountain in Arkansas. No indoor plumbing. Brrr..