Thursday, April 03, 2008

Is inequality making us sick?

Most of us take our advantages for granted.

I expect most reading here today have never experienced "oppression" and its side effects.

But, sadly, many have and do today.

Yesterday morning I saw the segment below on The Today Show. It describes new research and an upcoming 4-part television series based on this research documenting the fact that race, socioeconomic standing, education and other social factors determine length of life and health status. In short, inequality is making us sick. Injustice has very real, practical, life and death consequences.

You will be able to catch the entire report by checking your local listings for PBS programming or by visiting the website at

Watch the segment. Tell me what you think.

Below is a video from The Today Show called "Is inequality making us sick?"

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Eric Livingston said...

Intriguing. I'll try to watch this series.

On a similar subject, there has been a dramatic shift in our nation's doctors' views on public health care.