Friday, April 25, 2008

Our landlords and our formerly homeless friends

Yesterday afternoon, I met with the owners of the two apartment complexes in North Dallas where we provide housing for formerly homeless, disabled neighbors via our growing "Destination Home" program.

"Destination Home" is funded by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through our local area continuum of care. Our effort fits in with the local 10-year plan to end homelessness.

The purpose of my meeting with the property owners was to explore the possibility of our leasing 55 more units of housing thanks to our most recent grant award from HUD.

Here's the wonderful news.

As we discussed our next agreement, one member of the management team of the company said, "You know, when we started this arrangement, I thought the whole thing was crazy. But, now I have to tell you, we are eager to take anyone you refer to us."

Another team member chimed in, "The formerly homeless tenants not only are not a problem, they are fitting in well with community here. We are grateful that they live on our properties."

Just more confirmation. Housing first as a strategy for cutting deeply into homelessness in the United States works, and big time.

We cut a deal to place 55 new friends in permanent suppotive housing. It won't be a problem. It will be one more step toward a solution.

One more time: how do we solve the problem of homelessness?




Anonymous said...

Their excitement about the results bodes well for the outstanding development on North Akard. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

In one post, we see so much...

Larry James reveals key elements of his approach/philosophy: #1: solving problems requires a public/private/non-profit partnership. Charity alone will not do the job. #2: People can be/do better with a chance, and resources. And the ultimate resource for a homeless person is a place to call home. #3: Larry James and the people of Central Dallas Ministries spend a chunk of time every day asking, "what can we do next to tackle these very real human problems?" Work ethic, persistence, perpetual trying... it all pays off.

Congratulations on the good news. And thanks for keeping at it so faithfully.

Randy Mayeux

Larry James said...

Randy, thanks for the support in your comments and in so many other ways as well.

Topher said...

Your story brings hope to us all. Thank you for blazing the path for future generations.