Saturday, April 05, 2008

"The Revolution Will Not Be Funded"

Last weekend I led a conversation with participants in the Connections 2008 Conference sponsored by Children's Medical Center. The annual conference focuses on the needs of children and adolescents here in the Dallas area.

Several requests have come asking for a copy of the PowerPoint presentation. The material can be found in two forms at the links below.

PowerPoint version:

PDF version:



c hand said...

Is this to be a real live REVOLUTION "to achieve the change we know will save us" or just some government expantion? Because most revolutions involve a body count.

Charles said...

The body count goes up every day, c hand, and no one's even fighting yet. The count in ruined lives is even higher. But as long as you make sure not to know any of them and just treat all of Larry's first-hand experience as liberal fantasies, you'll never know it.

Larry James said...

c hand, metaphor, metaphor, c hand. The book from which I took the title for the discussion is a collection of essays pointing out how too often the non-profit sector is compromised by its funding sources. The "revolution" I spoke to involves integrity, action, resolve and courage linked to the day-to-day hard work of engaging the poor, as well as the forces that keep too many in that state.