Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Want to help? Here's your chance!


I have great news!

Last year, we featured a woman named Barbara Goodspeed in our video on homelessness. You can see her here, starting at 1:05

We recently got Barbara into an AmeriCorps membership through which she earns $180 every two weeks… which, she says, is the most money that she has made in a long time.

She is working part-time at the SoupMobile, where she helps run the warehouse, kitchen and feeding program. Every day, she helps prepare and distribute nearly 500 meals to her neighbors who are also living on the street.

Next month, she will be moving into a more permanent housing situation. David Timothy, the leader of the SoupMobile, is getting married and moving out of his home at the SoupMobile headquarters. He is letting Barbara and her husband, Joseph, move in next month. He also recently hired Joseph to do some work for him.

David has paid for Barbara and her husband to stay in a hotel for the past few nights, but his funding is running out. Their room costs about $25 per day, but Barbara and Joseph have committed to covering as much as they can themselves. If I can raise $500, then I think they will be in the clear.

I have two commitments of $150 each, and another of $100. I am asking you to please consider making a donation towards the $100 that we still need to help one of our AmeriCorps members transition off the streets.

Even a donation of $5 would be greatly appreciated. I would love to tell Barbara and Jospeh that we had a long list of people pitch in to support them!

Neighbors together,

Jeremy Gregg,
Director of DevelopmentCentral Dallas Ministries

To help with this "instant campaign," email Jeremy at jgregg@CentralDallasMinistries.org or go to www.CentralDallasMinistries.org and donate on line or mail your donations to Jeremy Gregg, CDM, P. O. Box 710385, Dallas, Texas 75371-0385. If you need more information, call Jeremy at 214-823-8710 ext 127.


belinda said...

Do you still need $$s? I can be one of the $5 donors.

Jeremy Gregg said...

We're at $425 right now, so a $5 contribution would be wonderful!

Jeremy Gregg

Anonymous said...

I will cover the remaining $75. I will email you now and figure out how to get the money to you. David.

belinda said...

My check is in the mail. I think anonymous is thinking I said $25 instead of $5. I wish I could help more.