Friday, April 11, 2008

What are we set up to see?

If you haven't seen this before, I challenge you to take this short test.

Here's the deal. Watch the video and count how many passes the white team makes.

Test you awareness.

What did you see? After you watch, be sure and check out the questions below.

1) What did you see?

2) What did you miss?

3) Why?

4) What does this brief experiment teach you?



Becky said...

I had to watch about 5 times, even after knowing to look for the bear, before I saw it. So, I am not sure what that means....

Anonymous said...

I only counted 9 of the 13 passes, and had to watch twice to find the bear even knowing it was there, but I, too, am not sure what that means except that my powers of visual observation are obviously questionable. (Very effective ad for its intended purpose, though, the bear being a stand-in for a biker in traffic.)

Eric Livingston said...

1. I saw all 13 passes.
2. I missed the bear.
3. I missed the bear, because I was so intent on getting the answer right that I was determined to not let the white team's ball out of my sight.
4. I sometimes miss the big picture. Especially when I'm trying to make sure I'm right.

Larry James said...

The first time I saw this the "other figure" was a gorilla and the screen was the size of a wall. I missed seeing anything but the white team passing. The size of a PC screen diminishes the impact a bit.

Leatherwing said...

Like Eric, I saw all 13 passes, but never saw the bear.
Obviously, being told to look for one thing can cause you to miss other things.