Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Food Pantry is hurting. . .will you help us?

When you are poor, everything negative magnifies against you.

The rising cost of fuel is putting amazing pressure on the operations of food pantries across the United States.

I encourage you to read this story from the Chicago Tribune to gain a better understanding of what is happening right now. The online version of the report will also allow you to read the chart I've pasted in above. Read it here:,0,3897882.story.

We have always considered our work in food distribution to be one part compassionate, emergency assistance and one part economic injector. Funds saved on grocery costs can be used to purchase medicine, pay rent, buy school clothes and figure out transportation needs. We have been putting over $1,000,000 of value back on the streets in retail grocery costs every year for the past 10 years.

Currently, the need is rising and so are our costs.

We need your help.

Contributions can be made online at or mailed to my attention at Central Dallas Ministries, P. O. Box 710385, Dallas, Texas 753710-0385. Be sure and mark your donation for the "Food Pantry."


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Jeremy Gregg said...

The Boston Globe ran a similar story with some nice visuals to show the rising cost of individual units of food here:

Every dollar we receive secures over 7 pounds of food, injecting about $10 into the local economy. Thanks for considering a gift, which you can also make online at:

Jeremy Gregg