Monday, August 25, 2008

Real progress. . . at last!

At some point soon I'll probably post in detail about the unbelievably complex and difficult process that we've been through to finally close the construction loan on our 15-story building in Downtown Dallas.
To learn more about our project you can use the "Search" tool here: just type in "citywalk@akard" and you'll be able to get the background.

The closing process with all of our partners (and we have a number due to the complexity of the project) took about three weeks from start to finish.

What an education!

Thanks to amazing support from the Rees-Jones Foundation, we were able to complete the demolition and asbestos remediation while working on the closing and tax credits syndication. This allowed us to save 6-8 months on our project timeline.

Now the reconstruction phase is getting underway!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 26 at 11:00 a.m., the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation and Central Dallas Ministries will host a "Media Advisory" that will include Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, City Council Member Angela Hunt, our partners in the project and potential residents of the building once it is completed.
It will be a celebration for sure.
The location? At the building--511 N. Akard!

Read more here.

Join us if you can.


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Mr. W said...

Larry... I didn't get a chance to tell you but I was walking with my girlfriend in downtown Dallas about a month and a half ago and naturally we came across the Akard building!!!

She was considerably confused as to why I was so excited, but I explained it to her.

Anyways, it looks good sir and I hope things go well.