Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Speaking of "Green"

If you haven't tuned in on T. Boone Pickens' website, www.Pickensplan.com, you need to! Interesting stuff from a guy who is usually out ahead of the curve in terms of development and what's coming next.

I found one of his recent "mini-lectures" particularly engaging.

Take a look at it here and tell me what you think.



Anonymous said...

Patrick Mead had a good post about Pickens and his proposal.

Read it HERE.

Anonymous said...

Not to take away from the merits of the proposal... but, Pickens is also a major backer of the 'swift-boating' of John Kerry. And, he has attempted to pipe the Texas panhandle's water from the Ogallala aquifer to the highest bidder (possibly DFW or New Mexico) despite the obvious consequences to local farmers and ranchers. The man is a formidable capitalist, and he wouldn't be involved if he didn't stand to make a substantial profit. Same goes for Gore, who is heavily involved in 'green' venture capitalism and stands to profit from further green development.

It is easy to be green when you stand to make millions for it. Don't think for a second T. Boone Pickens or Al Gore are doing this purely out of the goodness of their own heart. They're in it to make serious cash. And, they will. And, hopefully the world will be better off because of it.

Chris said...

1. For 31 years Democrats in congress have prevented building any new oil refineries.

2.In 1995, when oil was $19.00 a barrel, President Clinton vetoed legislation, passed by the House and Senate, to begin drilling in ANWR, which would produce one million barrels of oil a day. (The amount imported from Saudi Arabia daily.)

3. A motion on the Senate floor to allow state governors authority to explore the Outer Continential Shelf was defeated by Democrats 51-44.

4.According to the Dept. of Energy, U.S, oil production has fallen approx. 40% since 1985, thanks to Democrat obstruction.

5.Congressional Democrats have defeated all bills that would allow the U.S. to drill offshore.

6.The American Energy Protection Act of 2008 would have removed restrictions on exploration and drilling in ANWR and the OCS, containing about 24 billion barrels of oil, enough to provide U.S. needs for 5 years with no foreign imports. In May, Democrats including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton voted as a block to deny passage.

Anonymous said...

So, if we had drilled ANWAR in 1995, then it could be exhausted by year 2000 and we'd be left with a useless, messy, frozen land.

Why shouldn't we hold out until oil hits $500 per barrel before selling?

c hand said...

Corporate welfare is the answer?

Anonymous said...


I don't think the most politically motivated and optimistic politician cites numbers like yours. Most sources I have seen suggest ANWR oil would be a drop in the bucket, not some panacea to our oil importing ills. Please cite sources.

As usual, you have gotten the blog completely off topic - which was Picken's proposal.

Chris said...

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates about 10.4 billion barrels in ANWR, not enough to make use energy independent but a start,add that with other offshore drilling.

Karen said...

Chris, you consider your list of 6 bad things??? I say, "Go Democrats!"

Chris said...


We need oil! Even of we had alternative energy, there are so many things that oil is used for besides transportation.

Anonymous said...

karen - " go democrats"? is that the best you can do? why not respond to the man's points? or is it just too easy to vote the straight line ticket? You scare me!