Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Day

Work is sacred in my book.

All kinds of work.

The spiritual quality of work, the substance of human effort and purpose, the connection of labor to the maintenance and promotion of life, creativity and productivity--I'm fascinated by it all.

If regarded properly, there is no such thing as meaningless work.

We arrive at despair regarding work because of the false categories and artificial judgments that promote lies about what work matters and what work does not.

All honest, legal work, grounded in authentic human effort, matters. All such labor should be honored in our communities.

Labor connects us to others.

Production sustains and supports the entire human enterprise.

Labor is sacred.

Often, it is not treated as if it were, especially when it comes to livable wages, opportunities for advancement, access to skills training and continuing education or on the job training.

Food for thought this Labor Day.

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