Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is a test. . .

Multiple Choice:

1. Based on the 2006 census data, how many individuals live below the federal poverty line in Dallas County?

a. 382,161
b. 259,511
c. 90,965

2. Of those living below the poverty line in Dallas County, how many are children?

a. 45,943
b. 162,379
c. 105,677

Answers should go in the comment box!



Daniel Gray said...

a and c ?

Anonymous said...

Perusing the intertubes for answers to the questions, I found this comparing the Frazier neighborhood to the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

Jeff W

Anonymous said...

I think Dallas has just over 1M poeple within the city limits, and about a 25% poverty rate. Most of the poverty is in single parent households. So I'm going with b on both.

Anonymous said...

How about an answer of "too many"