Thursday, February 05, 2009


My friend, Jimmy Dorrell pastors The Church Under the Bridge in Waco, Texas.

Jimmy's congregation is just as it sounds, a church that meets every Sunday under the I-35 bridge that runs through the heart of Waco. Several years ago, Jimmy invited me to speak there. Unforgettable experience!

Jimmy's congregation is made up of the poor, the homeless, the sick and the marginalized, as well as college students, middle class wage earners and the affluent. Quite a mix!

No one has done more for the homeless population of Waco than Jimmy and his team. No one care more about seeing poverty wiped out of this Central Texas community than Jimmy Dorrell.

Last Sunday's edition of The Waco Tribune-Herald carried a front page story about poverty and Waco, Texas. Worth reading right here.

Sadly, it's EVERYWHERE. . .poverty is everywhere.

How about where you live?



Anonymous said...

What a gret work!

Frank Bellizzi said...

Amarillo, Texas is two cities, really. One is mostly north of I-40, poor Potter County. The other is mostly south, rich Randall County. A few times since I've lived here (3 years) I have driven around in large north-Amarillo neighborhoods, astonished as the poor quality of the housing, the apparent desperation. My wife teaches in the poorest grade school in town and she sees everyday the tragic consequences of poverty for children. I know that there are many, many good-hearted people in this city. But we often have a hard time translating that into making real differences.