Friday, February 06, 2009

600,000 more jobs disappear. . .

The news came out of Washington today: 600,000 additional Americans lost their jobs over the last month. Since the recession began, over 3.6 million jobs have been lost.

Observations for Central Dallas Ministries:

1) Our numbers will continue to skyrocket on the front lines of our primary relief enterprises.

2) The formation of authentic community will be more important now than ever before in our history. This recession will be long and deep. People must learn to count on each other in new and creative ways.

3) CDMWorkPaths should receive more of our attention. Hopefully, our leaders will come through with an economic stimulus plan that creates new jobs. CDM needs to increase its efforts to train people for work.

4) Our faithful donors--individuals, faith communities, foundations, corporations, public sources--must continue to provide the funding we need to continue our work.

Times are challenging and not good.

This is why we are here.


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Jeff said...

That's 120,000 every business day.

15,000 every hour of an 8 hour day.

250 every minute.

About 4 per second.

Let's hope we can come together around our fellow humans to help out, not fly apart into angry, violent mobs. I fear it could go either way.