Friday, February 13, 2009

A President's Message

Last week President Barack Obama addressed the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC. I believe his message was very important.

At one point he observed that no major world religion has as its central tenet hatred of others. That very positive observation is something to keep in mind as we move forward. It certainly is important here in the inner city.

I found the President's call for "a living, breathing, active faith" extremely refreshing.

Action is essential.

Practice trumps debate.

Improving life and expanding opportunity forms the basis of our mission. And, we do all that we do every day because of our living faith.

Can we, as our new President asked, "allow God's grace to occupy that space that is between us?"

If we do, our faith will exhibit a power to change the world.

The "sermon" is well worth your time.



Daniel Gray said...

I thought his speech was very unifying, and I appreciate the roles he's designation for the council on faith based initiatives and neighborhood partnerships.

I posted this on the other thread, but wanted to repost regarding questions people had about ACORN and golfcarts in the stimulus:

First of all, no money is being directly handed over ACORN. The funding that some of the shock jocks are touting is in reference to neighborhood stabilization funding... which was available to both government entities and nonprofits to assist with neighborhood level projects. ACORN, as a nonprofit, would be eligible to apply for this funding, but nothing in the bill says anything about allocating money specifically to ACORN.

Second, the term golfcarts brings a loaded meaning. No one is using these to go golfing. They are small, zero-carbon emission vehicles used on many large campuses to get around to places when using a vehicle or walking would be incredibly time-consuming and inefficient.

Debate the merits of their inclusion in a stimulus bill, but don't get all your news from mainstream media or you'll be inheriting the partisan rhetoric of whoever you're listening to.

The text of the joint committee's version which was adopted last night can be found here:

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you talking about him "improving life"..... when he advocates programs (and will help pass services) to make it easier for people to end the lives of other people...........

Steve said...

make it easier for people to end the lives of other people...........

Are you talking about the death penalty? Pre-emptive war?

Sorry, anon247 ... I'm not really smelling what you're stepping in.

No, I'm lying. I get it completely. You're referring to abortion, of course.

But don't you think abortions would decrease if we made every effort to "improve the lives" of single mothers and those most likely to have unwanted pregnancies / abortions?

The tired arguments against "pro-choice" pols are not doing anything to decrease the number of abortions in America, let alone improve the world into which we want these babies to be born.

Larry James said...

Anon 2:47, no matter what your position on abortion, electing this or that president--in the most recent case, McCain or Obama--would have and will have no affect, as the last 8 elections prove. The Republicans couldn't muster the votes to change the law or amend the Constitution even with control of both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House. Steve is correct. Let's work to lower the number of abortions by making life more complete for all our children. Work against abortion, but don't lay the blame at the door of the White House of either party. The American people dictate this one.

Tim Timmons said...

It always brings a chuckle when I get to read some of the more farcical of inflammatory myths articulated by those on this board who equate the overturning of Roe v Wade with the second coming of Christ.

It would do nothing of the sort - just the opposite. The matter would only be turned back to the states - thirteen of which have already formally passed "trigger laws" which would immediately supersede the federal ruling.

The tax revenues of Louisiana decrease - the tax revenues os Mississippi mushroom. The rich girls jet across state lines - the poor girls stay confined to the their ghetto.

The President's speech - just like his speech on "Race In America" was both thought provoking, hard-hitting and inspirational. His "preaching" gets more life changing and mission transforming every time I listen.

Jesus might rephrase his response to Judas ... "The (oppression of the) poor - you will always have with you" - a guarantee made possible by the "relidulous" soldiers of - as President Obama would have observed - "perceived righteousness."

Anonymous said...

The freedom of choice act will wipe away the last 30+ years of work by pro-life activists, such as laws required parental consent, waiting times, and much more.

I thought the same thing when Obama was running - I mean Bush was pro-life and thousands of abortions are still happening every day you know? I thought what does it matter if they're pro-choice or pro-life, it won't make a difference.

But with Obama it will...
if he signs the freedom of choice act that he's promised (actually I predict he will have a change of heart and not sign it, but just in case) they estimate that 100,000 more abortions will be preformed each year because of the Freedom of Choice Act. I think that's probably and overestimate but even 1000 or 100 or 1 would be too many.

I wouldn't be so much against Obama if it weren't for his promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.

Anonymous said...

So once he gets that out of the way, you'll support him, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how this post turned into a CHOICE discussion, but I'll run with it.

Doesn't anyone realize that Choice works BOTH ways? You can choose to NOT have a baby, but you can also choose to have a baby. Homeless girls with no sense can still choose to have a baby. The government can't currently tell them that they have to abort so that the taxpayers don't pay for more crack babies. My example is extreme, but think about it.

I'll also include my bumper sticker politics.....You can't trust a woman with a choice, but you can trust her with a baby?!?