Monday, February 09, 2009

Robert Emerson Glaze

My dear friend, Bob Glaze passed away on Tuesday, February 3 after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

I cannot begin to say how much he will be missed by so many people here in Dallas. And, I count myself among that number.

Bob had a distinguished career in the Dallas business and philanthropic community. He was Trammell Crow's lifelong friend, right hand partner and CFO in the early days of that amazing enterprise. As Dallasites know, Crow died about two weeks ago.

Bob was a consummate business man. His vision, talent and ability to see through complex problems and challenges with hard-nosed practicality and a can-do attitude inspired those around him.

He was one of my most important mentors.

He listened to John Greenan and me make our very first "pitch" on the 511 N. Akard project in Downtown Dallas. We brought him a pretty concept book. We were so proud of that book! He looked through it. Carefully set it aside and began to question us about our proforma projections and our financing plans. He challenged us to "put it on a page or two" and have the background to answer the tough questions. We kept coming back to Bob because we knew he cared and he would give us the guidance we needed.

Bob lived his faith. He cared for the poor. He loved his family. He loved his work. He loved this city.

Over the past year, I would call him from time to time, and he did the same for me. It always helped just to check in and hear his voice. His questions were always spot on. His concern for me never faultered, no matter how bad he felt.

Several years back Bob sent me one of his trademark letters inviting me to join him and others of his many friends for a Thanksgiving Luncheon. I gladly accepted the invitation. When I arrived, I found scores of his friends gathered to be thankful over a wonderful meal and reflections by our host on how important we were to him. I learned that first year that the meal was an annual tradition with Bob that he had hosted for years. It was a great honor to be on his guest list.

Bob Glaze blessed my life. He made this city better. He enjoys a well-deserved rest today. The rest of us have a ways to go yet. I find myself looking forward to our reunion.

Thanks, Bob. You will be missed and never forgotten.

Read more about Bob's amazing life here.


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YHenry said...

L-loving loyal legend

You were your brothers keeper. You are missed, but your life is cherished.
Love, YulRunda and Family