Saturday, February 07, 2009

Winter blue

The stars seem close tonight
Closer than my neighbors
Closer than the town
Five miles down the road.

Snowshoeing at night
In winter woods
The way lit by moonlight.

Down to the beaver flow
Down to the gurgle where black water
Forces its way up through clear ice.

To listen for a few minutes
To the winter woods
There is nothing much to hear.

Maybe I go so that
When I return to cabin and woodstove
I appreciate them more.

It is so still out here
So still, so quiet, so white, so blue.

Roderick W. MacIver, Heron Dance
[Note from MacIver about the painting above--"When I started Northern Goshawk Looking, I planned to do a semi-abstract painting much in the style of Coastal Cougar, but with a blue background. As I painted, I got more and more into a realistic representation, inspired by the Goshawk’s interesting facial patterns and powerful gaze.]

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