Friday, April 03, 2009

AHF Leader Killed in Tragic Accident

American Housing Foundation (AHF) leader Steve Sterquell died in an auto accident near Amarillo last Wednesday morning.

Read a bit about Steve from his hometown paper, The Amarillo-Globe News.

I got acquainted with Steve and his team at AHF when we created "Destination Home," our effort to move our neighbors from the streets to permanent supportive housing. Thanks to Steve, we have access to 133 apartments for this purpose.

Steve was one of those people who always found a way to do the good thing for others. He was generous in negotiations with us and he was thrilled to see his property used to house people who had no access to permanent, well-managed housing.

His death brings great sadness to us and great loss to many communities.

To take a look at some photos taken last fall when HUD Secretary Steve Preston visited one of AHF's properties where we house formerly homeless individuals, go here.

Steve Sterquell will not be forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

Steve was a great business man & friend to my family. He will be greatly missed.