Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What? No Corvettes???

I'm green, okay?

I get it about alternative energy sources.

Really, I do.

I get it.

Hey, I'm as patriotic as the next guy.

I've been advocating for green job training for underemployed and unemployed inner city workers. If you've been here, you've read what I've written.

But, I've got my limits here!

Today I read a prediction that soon GM, if it survives, will stop manufacturing the Corvette.

Tell me it ain't true!

What will America be without the 'Vette?

This is more than I can imagine right now.

What do you think?



Gerald Britt said...

Hey, I'm with you Larry! I'm drawing the line at the Lincoln Towncar. Sorry, but I've NEVER had a sweeter ride!

Larry James said...

Thanks, Gerald! I can always count on you to understand me. . .that should likely cause you some concern! BTW--my dad would have added a hearty "Amen" to your preference for the Lincoln Towncar. How blessed I am to get to work with you.

Anonymous said...

I borrowed a friend's 2008 corvette for a week and wow...that was fun. It seemed like every halfway fast car in town was trying to race past me like I had something to prove. That just made me laugh!

Larry James said...

mattdabbs, thanks for the personal story. Any more Corvette tales out there?

Anonymous said...

If our Dear Leader can decide who runs the company, then He can damn well decide what vehicles His company produces.

Remember the Yugo?

Yeah -- expect something like that.

Daniel Gray said...

Jimbo, I find it hilarious that you think Obama is at fault for the death of the Corvette and saddening that you are so bitter about politics that you have to inject it into a non-political discussion. And yet, I shouldn't be surprised that there are some people who read this blog simply out of a need to do those two things.

Anonymous said...

More here if you like -

anonymous said...

Here's a good story...

Back in the early '90's when I was a senior in college, the guy who lived downstairs from me had a '78 or '79 'Vette, white with blue interior, stick shift, and T-tops (remember those?). We would always take "short-cuts" to class - i.e., take the longest possible drive through and around campus, doing burn-outs and 180 degree spins, getting there...

So anyway, he said to me, 'anytime you want to borrow it, go ahead.' But, at close to 7' tall, I couldn't drive it, because my legs would have ripped off the turn signal lever... Sigh... ;)