Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2010. . .running start

2010 blasted off for us.

Thanks to American Recovery Act funding, we have been able to assist scores of families with rent and utility assistance that, undoubtedly, has kept many in homes and off the tough Dallas streets.  We're very grateful for our partnership with the City of Dallas (fiscal agent for the federal funds) that allows us to meet so many really great families who are trying hard to stablize in the down economy. 

During 2009, our Resource Center (Food Pantry) distributed 1,835,114 pounds of grocery products valued at $2,734,320.  Agapito Perez told me recently that he intends to distribute at least three million pounds during 2010.  Based on our January numbers for 2010, we're on pace to distribute twice as much as during 2009. 

I pray for the day when we can close the Food Pantry. 

But in the meantime, we open our doors daily to receive and welcome our neighbors and friends who look to us as a partial solution to the challenging puzzle of economic survival in the inner city. 

The people make it all worthwhile.  It's all about the wonderful people.

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