Thursday, February 11, 2010

CDM to New Orleans???

Central Dallas Ministries and our great partners from building communityWORKSHOP are applying for $1.47 million from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) during the current 'National Direct' competition for AmeriCorps programs.

The legal applicant is CDM and we are considered a new program, CNCS has set aside 15% of funds for new applicants.

The $1.47 million in federal funds will be matched with $750,000 in local funds and will support 193 AmeriCorps members in Dallas and 135 members in New Orleans!

In Dallas, the grant will support the CDM food distribution expansion and building communityWORKSHOP's Dolphin Heights project.

Few realize that our Dallas service area as defined by congressional districts is the 2nd hungriest in Texas and 29th nationally?   Our metro area remains one of the most affluent in the U. S.  Amazingly, in a recent survey, 26% of residents said yes, they had been unable to obtain needed food at least once in the last 12 months.

The state of Louisiana ranks 5th in the nation in hungry residents and New Orleans stands at 8th among 100 major metro areas.

If we are successful, under this grant, The Feeding America food bank of New Orleans will place 35 AmeriCorps members throughout their 23 parish area to increase capacity at local food pantries, 20% of whom rely solely on volunteers. 

Also, our grant will support the Tulane City Center at Tulane University (I'm proud to say I am Class of 1986!) to bring their GREENbuild program to scale, a program that works to build sustainble housing in the city.  A properally weatherized home can save a poor family $850 in energy costs annually.  This inner city effort will recieve 5 year round and 70 summer AmeriCorps members.

We are anxiously awaiting word about the outcome of our grant proposal.  CDM could be expanding to New Orleans!  Exciting prospect!


Anonymous said...

I am very interested to see how my own areas compare with the rest of the nation. Do you happen to have link you could pass along that tells which states, metro areas, and districts are the hungriest? Thanks!

Larry James said...

Google "food insecurity by states"