Thursday, May 06, 2010

Creativity and context

Came across an informative article in Fast Company on the at Stanford University on the very morning I prepared for a trip to Stanford to work with the creative folks who lead this special, creative laboratory!  I'm making the trip with partners from PepsiCo.  It appears that we will be present for the official opening.

Our design challenge is just how to best use the 90 minutes we will stop at each summer lunch feeding location on our mobile delivery routes this summer. 

What should we bring to the children and their communities besides the food that will be delivered daily? 

How do we maximize the impact for the overall good and growth of the children? 

Should be an interesting experience.  The report below makes it clear that my quick trip won't be a waste.  See what  you think.

11 Ways You Can Make Your Space as Collaborative as the Stanford

BY Linda Tischler

The Stanford, which opens officially on May 7, is a space whose design has been refined over the course of six years to maximize the innovation process. Every wall, every nook, every connecting gizmo, every table, every storage cabinet, has been created with a grand, collaborative vision in mind.

Nice for them. But what about the rest of us, out here in standard-issue cubicle land? Are we all destined for subprime collaborative work lives because our office spaces and furniture are so numbingly left brain?

Not so, says George Kembel, the executive director of the school. Even if your company doesn't have a few million to throw at making your space more innovation-friendly, there are things you can do to optimize what you've got. The team sat down and brainstormed 11 great ways to transform your digs into a little hive of bubbling creativity--or at least a place that manages to capture the occasional good idea.

To review the most interesting list of ways to make your space radically collaborative click here.

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