Sunday, May 23, 2010

More on Henry Folsom Frazer

Henry Folsom Frazer is my third grandson and my fourth grandchild. 

His arrival, six weeks premature, taught me that no matter how many grandchildren I have, each one is special and loved equally with those who came before him. 

Little Henry's arrival gave us a couple of sleepless nights.  But today he is thriving, just like his cousins.  And, we are all mighty grateful for that and for him. 

By his original due date, completely meaningless of course, he should be about three weeks old.  In fact, Henry arrived on March 29. 

Forgive me for sharing these photos.  I'm so proud of him and so glad he is doing so well. 

We've been working on my traditional granddad bonding thing (including plenty of grunts and growls and lectures on the superiority of the New York Yankees). . .seems to be working right well!

Below you can see me and the whole crew, little Henry and big cousin, Wyatt, who has taking an amazing and delightful shine to his youngest cousin. 

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