Sunday, May 02, 2010

More scenes from yesterday's justice rally on immigration here in Dallas

As I walked the mega-march route yesterday here in Downtown Dallas, I observed so many moving sights and sounds. Singing, chanting, laughing, joy just filled the streets.

I will continue to remember the children, the precious little ones. Really, the action was all about them and their futures as Americans.

A truly moving experience.

I'll write more, but for now, just these snapshots.


Anonymous said...

Wonder how many of the protesters are illegal immigrants? Its kinda like those who pay no taxes supporting a tax increase.

Anonymous said...

The sign says it all: "My husband supports us. If he is deported, American will." She is telling us she will not work to take care of herself.

Larry James said...

To the contrary, Anon 11:58, she is simply admitting that w/o her husband's income, likely coupled with her's, her family will need assistance.

Anon 7:05, undocumented immigratnts make many, many contributions to our society: they pay taxes of all kinds, including SS taxes that will one day pay my retirement--they can't collect on what they pay in; sales taxes, property taxes (directly and indirectly) and most of all, they work hard and long, usually at substandard wages due to the vulnerability created by lack of documents.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they here illegally - e.g. in violation of the law? Escape convicts can also perform all the positives you note.

Anonymous said...

No, Larry. The woman's sign reveals much about her beliefs and expectations. American supports her now. Yes her illegal immigrant husband works and probably works hard. But it is because of the American version of the free market system that powers the economy that there is a job for him to go to each day.

How much is an operating hospital worth? In California several hospitals were closed because your friends demanded free services. Clearly, if they were paying taxes, the revenue would be available to keep them open. What happened?