Monday, May 17, 2010

Poll Curiosity

If you note the results of the current poll opportunity at the right of this column, you find the expression of a curious, but common reality. 

Seventy (70) % of those polled want permanent supportive housing (PSH) spread out all over the city, neighborhood by neighborhood.   Three of 10 polled (obviously a very unscientific and low-participation poll!) think the best place for PSH is in the downtown area. 

The reality for PSH developers:  it is virtually impossible to get neighborhood groups to agree to locating such projects in their neighborhoods when the opportunity presents itself. 

Conclusion:  1) Downtown is not the place for these developments.  2) Neighborhoods make better PSH sites. . .just so long as they don't come to my neighborhood! 

So, let's all agree to have our cake and eat it too. 


Anonymous said...

Considering that there were only two choices ,the accuracy of the poll is suspect. Frankly, I'd like to see two more choices
A. New York
B California.

The increasing social cost for Dallas citizens will eventually be borne by those on the government support of some sort, as the taxpayers have and continue to flee the city. Let the socialists states have the great compassion for those who don't work

Daniel said...

I chose B -- across the city -- because I don't think think there should be one concentrated place to house poor people (and I already know you agree with that). If I chose A, I felt as though I was relegating all of Dallas' PSH to downtown, which I don't think is fair either.

Do I think PSH should be in downtown areas? Yes. And Highland Park, as well as South Dallas. But the wording of the question creates statistical interference.

Jerry said...

I am conservative by nature and tend to look at things from a cost-benefit perspective. PSH is very cost-effective, saving taxpayers much more by providing PSH that is spend on medical, police and other services when people are homeless. Look at the facts and you will see data supporting PSH as cost effective.

Anonymous said...

I also chose B for the same reason Daniel did.
I just finished a class in statistics and we had to write surveys. I have learned that it is much harder to write clear questions and choices than you think. Your question resulted in a false choice, you should have at least included an all of the above answer for people like me :)


Anonymous said...

I chose Calif. A one-way bus ticket for all takers!