Friday, June 04, 2010

Dallas long on generosity study finds

Dallas is among the nation's most charitable communities.  Most of us who have worked in the non-profit sector for any time at all know this is true. 

Read The Dallas Observer report on these findings here.

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Anonymous said...

Guilt Taxes?

"A second core value affecting charity shows up in the belief citizens have about the government's role in their lives. Some Americans (about a third) believe the government should do more to reduce income differences between the rich and poor – largely through higher taxation and social spending. Others (about 40 percent) do not favor greater forced income redistribution. This is a major difference in worldview – not just about taxation, but also about the perceived duty of individuals to take personal responsibility for themselves and others. This difference affects people's likelihood of voluntarily giving to charity. The General Social Survey shows that people who oppose government income redistribution donate four times as much money each year as do redistribution supporters."