Saturday, June 11, 2011


My second grandson, Owen Frazer blows me away on a regular basis! 

I do believe that he knows more about Star Wars than George Lucas!  Every time we are together he gives me a seminar on the various layers of the saga, especially as the complex storyline relates to the innumerable figures and vehicles that he has amassed in his growing collection! 

When it comes to Star Wars, Owen's encyclopedic knowledge is spurred along by his dad's childhood experience and his vintage collection of figures and implements of war and conquest! 

It is just a real hoot playing Star Wars with Owen!  He possesses great imagination and demonstrates quite a proclivity for organization and order. 

Star Wars leads inevitably to Legos! 

He loves assembling Lego kits, especially of Star Wars Clone Wars!  We've enjoyed many an hour of putting block upon block until something almost magical appeared.

Recently, Owen broke his mother's heart, quite a feat at the ripe old age of 5! 

Conspiring with his dad--anyone else see a pattern here???--and the local barber, Owen shed his golden locks and replaced them with a genuine buzz cut!  The photos here reveal the interesting transformation.  I'm told that when he walked up to his mom in the grocery store with his new cut, she didn't recognize him at first! 

The new hair style also coincided with a neighborhood block party, thus the Spider Man pose. 

What a joy is this boy!  He makes me smile. . .all  the time!

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