Thursday, December 29, 2011

Destination Islands

Inner city neighborhoods are not all blight and despair, to be sure.  Amazingly, wealth co-exists with grave poverty in every inner city community with hopes for renewal. 

Here in Old East Dallas "Jimmy's" is a prime example of a "destination island."  People from all over Dallas make the trek to Jimmy's for fine food and the wonderful experience of simply shopping in this amazing store! 

I feel so very blessed that Jimmy just won't leave our neighborhood! 

If you live in the Dallas area, you've got to check it out.  If you live outside Dallas, Jimmy's is reason enough to plan a trip! 
Great food. 

Great atmosphere. 

Great experience.  Great people!


Lee said...

Urbano Cafe behind Jimmys is also worth the trip for lunch or dinner.

Larry James said...

Lee, you are correct about that one! Great food and setting!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what is the salary gap between the owner of Jimmy's and the lowest paid employee? Larry, I think you should investigate.

Lisa said...

Their cannolis are as good as the ones in NYC!

Anonymous said...


Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy is the 1%? #OccupyJimmys