Wednesday, April 10, 2013

50 Million of us are poor by definition!

The number of Americans living in poverty has spiked to levels not seen since the mid-1960s, classing 20 per cent of the country’s children as poor.

It comes at a time when government spending cuts of $85 billion have kicked in after feuding Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on a better plan for addressing the national deficit.

The cuts will directly affect 50 million Americans living below the poverty income line and reduce their chances of finding work and a better life.

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Dan Vaughn said...

If only we realized that when there is such poverty in our country, our world it does affect "us" all, not just "them." But we're more concerned about gay marriage than we are starving children.

Anonymous said...

Spending for 2013 will increase rather than decrease. The sequester is merely a decrease in the rate of growth. The CBO projects the spending will increase by 110 billion over the decade. If anything, the cuts should be more. Too many people are drinking the kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

we are concerned about starving children- more people receive SNAP than ever before. we need to be concerned about better education for our kids and young adults who are not ready for the workforce- which means there will be more starving children not able to be self sufficient.SNAP does not help people get out of poverty, it just allows them to eat.
Gay marriage is just another facet of equality for all- the USA likes to think we are tha land of equality, but we are not. Gay marriage has nothing to do with poverty- but everything to do with how we as a nation treat ALL our people (poor included).It is about time we stood up and said we are all the same!
The spending cuts are needed we must do something to stop the maddness..

Anonymous said...

" it does so without adding a dime to our deficits"

Yeah, just like Obsmacare, your premiums will go down and if you like your doctor, you can keep him/ her.

Anonymous said...

Looks like "Mother Jones" has been involved in a illegal act. Bet you are do proud,Larry.

Anonymous said...

Kudos for consistency, Anon ..s! You manage to stray far off topic every time! Perhaps you should get your own blog so you can write about what you want to write about

Anonymous said...

People on SNAP probably eat better than the average. There is widespread abuse but the Dems don't care because that's where they get their votes.

Anonymous said...

1. If you don't like the poverty line, increase the amount, insuring more votes for the left. Don't forget the 20-30 million illegals how participate in the program

2.Homosexuality is a sin. man's law does not change God's law.