Monday, May 16, 2011

Family. . .generations

As I grow older, I'm constantly reminded that I am now at "the head of the line" in terms of my place in the natural generational flow of my family.  When did I become the patriarch? 

Over the weekend Brenda and I spent three days with two of our grandchildren while their parents got a away for some renewal time. 

We had a blast! 

More, we enjoyed some very special one-on-one time together with each of the kids, Gracie (9) and Wyatt (7).  As they grow up, we find ourselves doing more of a "boy thing," "girl thing" division of time and activity. 

The conversations, the questions, their delight at some old stories of our families, meals together, shopping, fishing, playing catch, working on art, styling hair, pretending to be secret agent type spys. . .what a time! 

Working to ensure that as many children as possible make such vital connections to parents and grandparents is an important part of what we are about where I work.  That said, I have my own responsibilities along these lines as a grandfather. 

"What do you do, Granddad?' Wyatt asked me over an ice cream cone late on Sunday afternoon. 

He really wanted to understand, so I told him. 

I felt like I was conversing with a dear and trusted friend. 

And, of course, I was. 

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