Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Compassion and ROI

The longer I live in the city with all of its challenges and complexities, the more I realize that doing the right thing is almost always the best thing

When it comes to serving hard core, down-and-out, mentally ill, addicted people who have racked up impressive criminal records and a huge tab for urban taxpayers, lots of folks lose all touch with compassion and any notion of "shared humanity."

I get that. I really do. 

I may not agree, I may not respect the sentiment, but I do understand.

So, let's just leave soft-hearted, "do gooder" concerns behind.

Enough of this compassion speak!

Let's talk cost. 

I mean, cold hard cash! 

Housing the seemingly "unworthy"  or undeserving poor can be tough business, if you're inclined to look at folks that way. But what if providing housing turns out to save us all money, the hard, cold cash variety? 

You need to read this thoughtful, realistic essay by Dallas Morning News columnist, .

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