Monday, December 22, 2014

Low pressure freedom to heal. . .

[Recently, I received the message below from Lisa Ciminelli, our leader in providing neighbor support services to all of the folks living in CitySquare housing.  We've made a commitment to pursue a genuine "Housing First" methodology with our residents.  This means that a person's personal challenges and "issues" don't automatically result in their being ejected from the housing we manage, if and when mistakes and missteps are made.  We regard housing as a therapeutic tool in the hands of our team.  Housing often is essential in bringing healing and wholeness to formerly homeless men and women. Lisa's note spotlights the differentiation of the CitySquare approach. When we say that we are here to work with people, no matter what their challenges, we mean it.]

I was listening to Valerie talk about a neighbor just now. Apparently he was in another housing program before CitySquare and he got kicked out for “behavioral” issues ( alcoholic) . We took him in and he was unsteady with us for quite a while.  

Now he is sober and brought everyone handmade art work that says “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year.” 

Valerie asked him why he thought he was so successful and he said, “Because you guys are not on me all the time. My last case manager at __________ was always waiting for me to mess up. It was like they expected me to fail.”  

We have 3 other neighbors that I know of, in our housing program right now, Eddie [a really challenging gentleman!] being one, that were terminated from other “Housing First” programs and are now successful with us.

I love this stuff!

Thank you,
Lisa Ciminelli, LCSW-S
Assistant Vice President of Neighbor Support Services
1610 S. Malcolm X Blvd., Building #101
Dallas, Texas 75226
(469) 904-7027


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