Monday, July 23, 2007

You can make a difference today!

Today, again, I am asking you to personalize the letter below and FAX it today to your two U. S. Senators.

Once you have done that, follow up by calling the office of each of your two Senators expressing support for the “Dream Act.”

Then, drop your letter in the mail. You will find all the information you need to contact your Senators embedded in the attached letter.

The Dream Act needs to be voted on and passed by the U. S. Congress. This effort today targets the U. S. Senate.

This legislation will provide legal status to the children of undocumented immigrants who brought their children to the U. S. years ago when they were very young. Most of these children have been in the U. S. for much longer than 5 years. Our country is the only home most have ever really known.

The Dream Act would provide temporary legal status to any child of undocumented immigrants who 1) completes high school or its equivalent, 2) enrolls in a two or four-year institution of higher education and/or 3) enlists in the U. S. Armed Forces and 4) has displayed good moral character while living in the U. S.—in other words, no criminal activity.

These young people would be granted legal status and would no longer live in fear of deportation.

Our nation has already made a serious investment in the lives of the vast majority of these students who have been educated in our schools. What a benefit to our nation to see them stay here and complete their education and possibly seek citizenship in the U. S. after the completion of college.

Please help me by taking action today! Call me if you have questions.

Best regards,

Larry James
President and CEO
Central Dallas Ministries
214.823.8710 ext 116

Here is the suggested letter for your use and adaptation:


Honorable [Senator’s name]
U. S. Senate
[Capitol Address—go to: to find specific address and FAX numbers for your Senators]
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator [last name]:

Please lend your immediate and determined support to the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act).

As you are aware, this bill has been in discussion in the Congress for the past several years. It was included as a part of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 that recently failed before the Congress.

This piece of legislation deserves to be considered as soon as possible by the entire Senate.

The children of undocumented aliens, brought to the United States by their parents years ago, who have displayed high moral character and who desire to continue their formal education beyond high school or who desire to enter the U. S. Armed Forces deserve the protection and advantages of being given legal status so that they can remain in the United States without fear of deportation.

Currently, there is continuing and growing interest in attaching the bill to some other legislation so that it can be voted on and hopefully enacted on its own merits.

We need your help today.

Please urge your colleagues in the U. S. Senate to act on this matter as soon as possible.

Thank you for considering my point of view.


Your name
Any Title

If you have the time, leave a post here reporting on when you sent your letter and from what state.

Thanks for your help!


J-Wild said...

Hey there:

I wrote and faxed both my Senators (NY) today. Thanks for the letter and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Larry James said...

J-Wild, can't thank you enough for this! One more thing: spread the word among your friends! Thanks!